Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ugly Indian

Attended another of the clean up drives this weekend.

Now that I've followed the pages and comments for a couple of months, and I understand a little better the strategy that goes into them. And as I'd expected right in the beginning, it isn't all a magical clean up and everything becomes hunky dory.

And as I'd expected, the hard work is not in the actual clean ups. There are plenty of us, with great good will, and momentary adrenalin, to help fuel those.

The real hard work, is the prep that comes before, the follow ups that come after it. It is a continuous , slow , ongoing process. And like in everything else, there are setbacks, but the most amazing thing is the mix of creativity, doggedness and patience with which they've continued to go about it.

Lets see if some of those rub off on me! For now, I continue to take the easy path out, with the broom and paint brush, leaving the brain to take it easy.


Gunjan said...

Sounds interesting. Such things happen only in B'lore :(

Tess said...

there must be other interesting stuff happening in delhi as well i'm sure :)