Tuesday, April 03, 2012

The cow sagas - part 2, of slip discs

Usual background: Once upon a time, there was a milk vendor. He loved the money his customers gave. But he just wished he could make the cows disappear. Ugly messy creatures, who always had to be fed. Why couldn't the milk just appear magically in jugs?

Today for instance, one cry baby interning cow came to him, whining about a slipped disc, and how the doctor had adviced a 1-2 weeks rest.

Uff these cows, no idea of how a business is run. He had to enlighten the cow, how this was the last batch of the compulsary 1 month training on how to produce milk. If the cow missed this, then there were no repeat trainings in the near future. And he couldn't promised the cow a place directly without the internship, who knew how the situation would be 3 months later.

Hopefully this would help set expectations among these darned cows. Sometimes they started thinking they were people and not resources, the nerve!

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