Sunday, March 25, 2012

Letting go.

why do we hold on, so tightly, so desperately? Why do we get so comfortable in that position, that letting go, becomes an exercise fraught with so many hurdles, stories brought into being, just to hold on.

Anyway, sometimes one is forced to let go, and then once the silly arms flailing is over, you realise, its ok. Its not so bad. You can look at how nice it was, while it lasted. Cry over it a bit, and then hey, its not the end of the world. Who knows, perhaps the change will do you good.

And then, after you've lived with the changes, sometimes you even forget why you were resisting so hard anyway.  We try to look ahead, plan things, fear things. And most of the time, life has its own plans anyway. It always finds new way to surprise, pleasantly or unpleasantly. Whatever it brings on, its not often what you anticipated. And sometimes you realised, that the anticipation of the change was much much worse, than the change itself. And after a while, like everything else, you get used to the change.

Funny that all of this introspection was brought on by airtel's pathetic service. A phone number I'd had for ages. Sentimental prefixes. Memories of happier days. Many years of accumulated acquaitances.. and friends. The gazillion places the number lived, for logistical reasons. The off chance, that I'd lose touch with someone, or lose an 'important' update. And then finally, after umpteen humiliations and bizarre customer service responses from airtel, the realisation that I really had to let go, it was after all just a number.

It still doesn't make it any easier to relinquish other positions, but it does shake them..


Gunjan said...

Could you not get a new service provider with same number? Its the age of number portability after all!

Tess said...

Are yaar its a long story. The number was officially in my company's name and had to be transferred to me. Airtel messed up the tranfer, and the portability rules state that the number should have been with you for 3 months before you can do the transfer. Technically it had never been in my name, so..

Gosh it was a supremely humiliating experiance, where they literally behaved like I was a beggar, barred my incoming and outgoing, and basically told me that there was just nothing they could do, or were willing to do.

Khair, glad that i finally went off to Vodaphone.