Sunday, March 04, 2012

Kickstarting the runs!

So after a brief hiatus in the runs ( just a matter of an year or two !), I took part in a 5 k, and managed to complete it without too much hassle, even if with a fair bit of walking.

Was quite happy with the timing, considering that this was done mostly without preparation, barring the couple of gym runs in the very last fortnight. Was reminded of the last day cramming for the exams, old habits die hard after all.

Hmm, now to see if i can shave off some 5-6 odd minutes from this, while still enjoying myself .

On another note, the irony of a womens day run , sponsored by a hep shot gym, and adding a breast enhancement brochure in the kit wasn't lost on me. So much for womens day. Gah. Note to self - avoid paying for this run next time.


Shaguna said...

5 kms *just like that*!!!
Way to go girl, u'll reach the 10 k mark soon, that too in time! Keep inspiring and do update this entry when you reach there!

PS: updates in between will be much appreciated :)

Tess said...

tanku tanku :D I know I can walk it anytime i want, the challenge will be to run it in under 75 mins. Lets see !

crypticrow said...

hey! that's awesome! congratulations though belated :) :)