Thursday, February 09, 2012

Screw Indian values. Hail individualism, hedonism, freedom!

Some days you just wake up wanting to pick a quarrel with someone. Anyone. Today is one of those days. After giving it back to an unreasonable conductor, and staring down some street gawkers, trying to push down a cars rearview mirror, I finally arrived at office in one piece.

Came across this post from amit verma, and I couldn't agree more.  So since this is still a free speech country ( or so I think, rushdie, teli, mochi, godse notwithstanding, ) thought I'd give a piece of my mind in response to the senior idiot pung. Before mr sibal sits down to his screenings that is.

So lets take apart this punj fellows bullshit. After all if he's got an opinion, so have I.

Demise of family = Some ass in norway gunned down tonnes of people. If I remember correctly, some ass in the nepali monarchy gunned down half his family some years back. And thats your poster child country, right mr punj? Would you say that was a right reading of 'our' hindu family values ? eh?

Society in decline = Under 16- pregnancies, another pet peeve of these assholes. Lets consider this one. A ton of our grandmothers, great grandmothers etc etc, were pregnant by their teens. A few were taught to revere women who burnt themselves on their husbands pyre. Heck, even we were taught how jumping into a burning pyre was preferable to getting raped. Really??? I mean really??? If you consider death a better option than rape, then you really need to think about your real reasons for being worried about teen pregnancies. So what is this really about ? Is this about the age ( teens)? Or about the pregnancy (without the marriage)?  Or , ah dear lord, the failing control over a womans' sexuality?  Sure it becomes a social problem, but teenage pregnancies ( within the accepted social constructs ) of 70 years ago, were an equal problem - for the women. We didn't hear you complaining about that.

Loss of abiding values in family life = Increasing divorce rates - amits written an excellant piece on that, let me not repeat it, except to say - Divorce is a damn good thing, specially if it threatens our rotten family values. The more the damn things are threatened, the better.

Family = Marriages - ah, where do I even begin. If marriage is not contracted for raising a family, apparently it becomes haram. I can't even counter his logic, because he doesn't have one. I guess his brain stopped funtioning at the very thought of gays and liberals, ( not to mention me - a human being with no desire or intention to produce another human being. )  Extremist liberals are demanding that gay and lesbians be given the right to practice what they believe in. , erm and that is worrying because???

Powerful ideal leadership = Singapore. Singapore, singapore, what can I say about singapore, why not pick one of the poster communist countries then? Who chooses what is to be controlled? What if the chooser turns out a little unbalanced? But then the lure of the good benign leader is endless. We've had a good example of that in India in recent times.

The failure of capitalism is also ascribed to a stagnant population. Although my knowledge of economics is almost zero, that simplistic statement seems full of holes, even to me. Just some common sense thinking about the implications of such a 'fact' make the mind boggle. Lets leave that one aside to the economists to debate over, but if its true, then I guess the human race is doomed any way.

In a nut shell, what Mr punj is calling 'values' is after all a social system, which worked, like all systems, at the expense of some. In this case the women. So forgive me, if I choose the immoral west, or world annihilation, to a patriarchal system ( thats all it is, not a bloody indian value, its a bloodsucking system in which some thrived at the expense of the others)


harjot said...

Just in case you missed it, The Norway killer was all praise for the BJP in his writings :

I wonder whether Mr Punj bothered to do any background research on this guy before citing his example.

crypticrow said...

brilliant post this! making me think in a new way about a thing or two. reassuring too in many ways.