Monday, February 27, 2012

The artist - Michel Hazanivicius

Good movie. Good acting. Good music. Good direction.

In terms of story, its a very simple age old one. A very successful actor of the silent movies, has to adapt to change, as the world around him moves from no dialogues, to the 'talkies'.

A tribute to the old style of movie making, no dialogues, no color, letting the situations and expressions speak for themselves. I loved some of the evocative scenes. The very first one, as the spy is being tortured, and he screams 'I won't talk'.  The dialogue on the stairway, as someone on the way up,  meets someone on the way down. The part where the wife is busy drawing on the photograph. The scene where a wannabe starlet plays out a fantasy as she steps into the overcoat of the famous star. The loud bang of a feather hitting the ground.

It was a throwback to some of the movies I'd watched in film festivals as a kid, sometimes getting through to the hall after hours of wait in serpentine queues, sometimes watching the movies in almost empty halls. Reminescent of Chaplin, Welles, Ray.

And yes, any movies with a dog in them, automatically get bonus marks from me ! 

Highly recommended.

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