Tuesday, January 31, 2012

From Medication to Meditation - Osho

Okish read, but just barely.

Started off ok while there was some emphasis on the deeper connection between the body and the brain, than allopathy ( or even some of the alternative systems) talk about. As an introduction to alternative thoughts about medicine, specially the disjoined, selective way in which allopathy is often practiced, the book has passages that would be interesting. Unfortunately, thats all there is, passages. I expected this to be a more hands on book, than an eulogy, and unfortunately thats what it turns into.

Plus, he gets a rather pompous and tedious, and I disagree a lot with some of his generalisations. About AIDS and cancer for example. Or the harping about beautiful childbirth. Or his rather selective take on sexuality. 

Overall, the book is wayyyy to long, the same thing could've been said in half the pages.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

J Edgar - Clint Eastwood

Decent watch, but nowhere near great.

Its covers the life of J Edgar Hoover, the main man of FBI , right from the days before there was an FBI. It covers the days of how he sets it up, his proclivities towards 'organising', his outlook and fears- real or imagined. Also a big theme, is the dominance of his mother, and his closeted sexuality.

Leaving aside the accuracy or otherwise of the depiction, the movie as such somehow didn't get anywhere near as gripping as Eastwood's other movies. Although luckily not as terrible as his last. Caprio is pretty good though.

Worth a watch, but don't sweat much if you miss it.