Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Its not about the bike - Lance Armstrong

Good read overall.

He talks of growing up hard, the early wins, the cancer. And then the hard fight back from cancer, and back to the gruelling bike racing. And the historic wins at the Tour.

Inspiring. ( and no, I still haven't learnt how to ride the cycle!)

Monday, December 12, 2011

The Dirty Picture - Milan Luthria

Begins promisingly, ends disappointingly, watchable overall tho.

The movie chronicles the rise and fall of a siren in the south indian movie industry. Loosely based on Silk Smitha's life.

Has a pretty good pace in the ranchy first half. Pretty good acting by Vidya Balan. Naseer is priceless as usual. Liked the fact that the so called 'compulsions' angle was underplayed, although I expected it to be even more underplayed.

But the warning sign, comes on right before intermission, as a laboured speech is delivered, the typical dumbing down of a movie - the clear sign that the director realises that his art can't get the message across, either since he's too dumb, or the audience is too dumb, and so the 'message' will have to be spelled out, slowly, in small words and in capital letters.  At any rate, once you have to make her state the obvious, you know things aren't going well with the movie.

Post intermission, it slides down the usual path of cliches, too many to count. Emraan's part was badly scripted and badly cast.

Still doesn't scratch beneath the surface, and I totally hated the end. Its the anti-thesis of everything that Silk has to symbolise for me. For a woman who's protrayed as unapologetically as she is, to conclude with her in a fully covered saree, bindi, pining for that kiss on the forehead, sounds like a complete cop out. Fitting her right back into the stereotyped tack of womanhood.

Ok for a few laughs though.