Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat

Rather forgettable. Didn't have the low brow humour of 2 states, which was the main thing I was hoping to find. This one is just another story, nothing that stays with you, and something that reads just like a bollywood script.

Spoilers ahead - no thats not a warning, its an invitation to read this, and save some hours of your life from being wasted.

A kid tries hard to clear the engineering entrance exams, but fails the first time. The girl he loves, also ends up with his best friend aka the revolutionary. Under pressure from dad, he gives a second attempt, fails again. His heavily in debt father dies. But our kid gets unexpected help from a local poltu types, and manages to extricate some age old family property from the clutches of stay orders and lawyers. He then build a college on it. With help from the poltu types ill gotten gains. Meanwhile true loves boy friend has chucked the cushy engineering dream, and gone revolutionary, and is now publishing a paper, full of scam exposes. Boy and true love are meeting secretly, since revolutionary is no longer giving time to his girl friend. Revolutionary does a piece on the college too. But wait, there's an ultimate sacrifice our boy makes, as he realises the error of his ways. He needs to bring the true love and revolutionary together again. But how to make true love hate him? In a truely inspired moment of bollywood, he hires two call girls, and sets things up, to be in bed with them, when true love arrives. Exit - true love, who will now live happily ever after with the revolutionary.

There, now I've summarised it for you, leaving nothing out. So don't bother with the book! 


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yep exactly, i had tears in my eyes by the end of it!