Saturday, November 26, 2011

I was perhaps 6 or 7 years old. Not more than 8 certainly. We lived on the ground floor, and a bunch of us usually played on the street and pavement right across the house.

Oonch neech ka papada used to be one favourite, with the oonch being the pavement of course. Vish amrit was another, which usually covered more ground. Chupan chupayi used to be good fun too, and I remember hiding behind the cows who were usually parked around randomly, ruminating away.

I remember looking at the pavement one day, and thinking that it really could do with a good sweep. But even back then, I was old enough to know, that what I was contemplating, was probably in the same league, as sneaking off a chavanni to buy an orange candy. Something to be actively discouraged.

I sneaked out the broom surreptitiously, nevertheless, and made a few ineffectual sweeps at the pavement. My mom found me within a minute however, ah the sixth sense they are endowed with. Specially when the kids are upto-something.

She explained pretty patiently to me, how this was not my work. Not my problem. How the best thing to do , was leave well alone.

I was reminded of that day today..

Yes, the attitudes run very deep. But if we don't try , we'll never know how deep right?

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