Monday, November 28, 2011

The adventures of tintin - Steven Spielberg

Was thoroughly enjoyed, even though the story left much to be desired.

However i've always loved the cartoons, and was willing to forgive much, specially for snowy, Haddock, and the Thomsons, not to mention the nightengale.

Although, when compared with some of the other animation movies, this one really struggled with the story, and tended to be a bit of a drag initially, and even the ending was too much of a 'sequel, here i come'.  But there were some hilarious moments to compensate, and overall I had a good time.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

I was perhaps 6 or 7 years old. Not more than 8 certainly. We lived on the ground floor, and a bunch of us usually played on the street and pavement right across the house.

Oonch neech ka papada used to be one favourite, with the oonch being the pavement of course. Vish amrit was another, which usually covered more ground. Chupan chupayi used to be good fun too, and I remember hiding behind the cows who were usually parked around randomly, ruminating away.

I remember looking at the pavement one day, and thinking that it really could do with a good sweep. But even back then, I was old enough to know, that what I was contemplating, was probably in the same league, as sneaking off a chavanni to buy an orange candy. Something to be actively discouraged.

I sneaked out the broom surreptitiously, nevertheless, and made a few ineffectual sweeps at the pavement. My mom found me within a minute however, ah the sixth sense they are endowed with. Specially when the kids are upto-something.

She explained pretty patiently to me, how this was not my work. Not my problem. How the best thing to do , was leave well alone.

I was reminded of that day today..

Yes, the attitudes run very deep. But if we don't try , we'll never know how deep right?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Rockstar -


ps, 2 days later:- Now that my intense frustration has cooled off somewhat, and I've realised that I'm in a bit of a minority here ( almost everyone I've spoken to has like it) , thought I'd update this post and flesh it out a bit.

To start with, I do stand by my original statement, I for one could not stand the movie at all. When the intermission sign came on, I remember thinking - oh no, I feel like I've already lived through a whole, slightly boring movie, surely there can't be more. And after the intermission, there were just too many cringe inducing moments, where I would have walked out of the theatre had I been watching the movie alone.

So, the customary summary , a young aspiring singer/guitarist does the rounds of colleges, but doesn't quite seem to be making the cut. He's adviced that true poetry can only come through pain. He then tries experiance the pain, by choosing to fall in love with a girl. Of course, the choosing goes nowhere, and of course these two end up really falling in love. However they spend many years, and her wasted marriage, to realise that they lauuuu each other. Meanwhile, our budding rockstar, gets even more pain his way, by being thrown out of his house, and but of course with all this pain, his music shines through, and he does get to be a Rockstar.

One of the biggest drawbacks is the completely stilted and unconvincing female lead. Plus I think the whole romantic angle, was badly scripted and filmed. Not as an idea, which was fine, but in how its actually come out. I found most of the sentimental scenes between the two, quite cringe inducing to say the least. Post intermission, they become unbearable. Ranbir, to his credit, does a half decent job, even in those god - awful romantic scenes. But overall, it just seemed a stumbling, bumbling silliness of a movie, with big pretensions.

The music, probably has a niche audience, in people who really appreciate rock , I don't , so it wasn't much of a turn on. Plus I found just wayy too many songs in the movie, the usual complaint with hindi movies. Inserting songs, whether they make sense or not. And I didn't really find the song lyrics blending into the movie. Maybe the songs as an album would have made more sense. Sadda haq - whats he angry about again, within the confines of the movie? katayan karun - you couldn't find appropriate dialect lyrics for a Jat and a Kashimiri? kun fayakun - was there a more forced plot turn to get him to nizamuddin to sing this? 

Anyway, I think in summary, this is just the usual 'romantic comedies' or 'musical love stories' that bollywood churns out, just with better finishing, but the same sad hackneyed plot and direction. I haven't seen any of them on the hall, only on tv, where i could channel surf, when I wanted, hence my  intense hatred for the movie.

If you like the bollywood love stories, you should ignore my AVOID advice, and make your own judgements.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


ah the two faced duplicity with which we treat people from whom we need to get work done. The completely fake smile plastered on, with which we make small talk, how are the kids, how are things, invite them home. All the while thinking, - I need this from him/her.

Just finished one such call, and I'm amazed at how good I've become at this. I guess its called maturity. The process whereby you give up your child like honesty, and learn the ways of the world.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Revolution 2020 - Chetan Bhagat

Rather forgettable. Didn't have the low brow humour of 2 states, which was the main thing I was hoping to find. This one is just another story, nothing that stays with you, and something that reads just like a bollywood script.

Spoilers ahead - no thats not a warning, its an invitation to read this, and save some hours of your life from being wasted.

A kid tries hard to clear the engineering entrance exams, but fails the first time. The girl he loves, also ends up with his best friend aka the revolutionary. Under pressure from dad, he gives a second attempt, fails again. His heavily in debt father dies. But our kid gets unexpected help from a local poltu types, and manages to extricate some age old family property from the clutches of stay orders and lawyers. He then build a college on it. With help from the poltu types ill gotten gains. Meanwhile true loves boy friend has chucked the cushy engineering dream, and gone revolutionary, and is now publishing a paper, full of scam exposes. Boy and true love are meeting secretly, since revolutionary is no longer giving time to his girl friend. Revolutionary does a piece on the college too. But wait, there's an ultimate sacrifice our boy makes, as he realises the error of his ways. He needs to bring the true love and revolutionary together again. But how to make true love hate him? In a truely inspired moment of bollywood, he hires two call girls, and sets things up, to be in bed with them, when true love arrives. Exit - true love, who will now live happily ever after with the revolutionary.

There, now I've summarised it for you, leaving nothing out. So don't bother with the book!