Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Real Inspector Hound @ Rangashankara

Decent watch, although it could have been much better I think.

A couple of theatre critics are reviewing a play. The play with the play, is a classic Agatha Christie style whodunit, complete with body, and a closed manor house. Whose is the body, and who killed the fellow? Much laughs are had as we see the histrionics of the 4-5 people in the manor. Even more laughs are had, as we see the critics preoccupation of their own lives, and the rather ludicrous way they describe the play. The whole setup is actualy a spoof on whodunits and theatre critics as well.

We quite enjoyed the comedy. And some of us, it seems, are still caught up in the vision of eternal grace, a poem.. with her mouth open!

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crypticrow said...

hehe..same pinch! i enjoyed it too out here!