Saturday, October 01, 2011


When I'd joined yoga classes as a beginner, I had assumed that the beginners would naturally be unable to do any of the postures, and the experianced people, would ace all the asanas.

But I discovered almost right away, how naive that view was. We're all built differently, and everyone begins at a different level for different areas. There were many beginners, who started out with an amazing flexibility in some area or the other.

Over the months, with practice and hard work, most people improved their flexibility. But even with all that, there are still asans, which I can't do, and which some people just do flawlessly, effortlessly, naturally.

In the end, that all that we can really do. Try our best to improve from where we started. But if we view everything like a race, at some stage, all we get is frustration. Someone else will always be ahead, because they would have started ahead, even if you do your very best, and beat everyone who started with you.

It can be a sobering thought, if you've been fighting hard to stay ahead in the race, achieve things through sheer smart and hard work. But it can also be a liberating thought. Because it isn't really a race, and the fun is only in the journey.

Stop to smell the roses. And remember, life doesn't give you any handicanps. Because its isn't a race, and so you can't really win.


Gunjan said...

I have also realized that with time due to lack of movement/exercise of particular joints/limbs, I am not able to do certain asanas that I could do just 1-2 years back.

Body is just so amazing and dynamic!

Tess said...

yep, that happened with me too. I'd taken a break of almost an year, and I had to pick up some asanas again..

And then again, the yoga bit was just an illustration for a larger point. I had been working hard in another area, and one fine day, when I thought I'd really made huge progress, I suddenly realised there were many people to whom it just came naturally!