Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Real Inspector Hound @ Rangashankara

Decent watch, although it could have been much better I think.

A couple of theatre critics are reviewing a play. The play with the play, is a classic Agatha Christie style whodunit, complete with body, and a closed manor house. Whose is the body, and who killed the fellow? Much laughs are had as we see the histrionics of the 4-5 people in the manor. Even more laughs are had, as we see the critics preoccupation of their own lives, and the rather ludicrous way they describe the play. The whole setup is actualy a spoof on whodunits and theatre critics as well.

We quite enjoyed the comedy. And some of us, it seems, are still caught up in the vision of eternal grace, a poem.. with her mouth open!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Surely You're joking Mr. Feynman - Feynman & Ralph Leighton

Delightful little book! I'd heard of it since school days, but somehow assumed it to be a little physics heavy and so kept putting off reading it. Mr Feynman is after all a Nobel winning physicist. So there must be the absent minded professor in him somewhere.

But he's anything but that. His huge curiosity about life in general, makes this collection of his reminiscence very interesting. The tales includes things as varied as his college antics, his attempts at learning to play instruments, learning to paint - including nudes(!), picking locks, hypnotism, ant trails, the nuclear bomb, getting girls to sleep with him, dream interpretation, course books for basic science and maths education and what not. The tales always seem to have a funny twist, and I found myself giggling on many a volvo ride, and chuckling out aloud on a few as well.

The curious character, and the funny manner of narration, makes this one a must read.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali everyone!

The even earth
beginning to crack
a seedling breaks through..

Friday, October 21, 2011


Was reminded of it today, after we got the raw end of one of the 'normal' practices.

What makes a lot of these 'normal' practices, normal? When you try to analyse them logically, there's nothing normal about them.

Registering flats at circle rates. Overreporting your HRA and medical bills. Charging 10 months advance deposit for houses, giving no interest, and then cutting it for frivolous things at the end. Demanding your gratuity, but cribbing if your maid asks for it. Wondering why your plumber is so shameless as to charge you for 3 taps while fixing only 2, but being perfectly ok with sneaking off property from the company you work for. Buying pirated DVDs of your favourite director from the street for 30 bucks, and ( hold your breath) , trying to return even that to a different street vendor so that you can save those 30 bucks.

Yes each and every one of these instances is 'us'. We the people. People I know personally. Friends and family. No, not even acquaintences, each one of these instances were from my friends.

So, why the double standards? Every person tries to maximise his or her greed. There is nothing that gives us a higher moral ground than the other guy, not unless you at least acknowledge that what you're doing is wrong. Ethically wrong, if not legally wrong. Why am I shouted down, and viewed as some kind of freak, every time I've asked these questions? I don't claim to be blameless, but I acknowledge that if I've ever done something of this kind, it has been driven by greed, the chalta hai attitude of the system, NOT due to any entitlement complex, which automatically sets a different set of ethics for my HRA, but not for the politician who's getting the metro to go through the land he owns, and not from the other side of the city, which needs it more.

Simply quoting scale, does not make it right. There are people further down the ladder, who can also quote scale, and in those scales, we, the middle class, would come off looking pretty horrid.

Take off that I am anna t shirt and start some introspection now.  You have to be the change you want, and stop looking for a god, ( or god like systems) to fix your problems in one fell swoop.  

Friday, October 07, 2011

Arth - Mahesh Bhatt

Decent watch, beautifuuul music.

A woman worries about a house to live in, with an evictment notice in hand, while her artistic husband doesn't seem to be bothered. But, it turns out soon, she does get her house, however its a heavy price to pay, the husband seems taken with 'another woman'. What will she do now?

The theme is interesting, and I was rather pleasantly surprised by the ending. However it does tend to get a bit melodramatic, and uses some predictable stereotypes. But just the music is beautiful enough to make you forget all the shortcomings of the movie.

Worth a watch.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Sometimes they say - if at first you don't succeed, try , try and try again..

But how do you know what are the parts to change between the multiple attempts? What if while you're trying again and again, you're essentially just doing the same thing over..

And you know what they say about that - Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results. I believe its called insanity.

Hindsight, of course is always perfect, but while you're living through a thing, its just so damn hard to know.

Saturday, October 01, 2011


When I'd joined yoga classes as a beginner, I had assumed that the beginners would naturally be unable to do any of the postures, and the experianced people, would ace all the asanas.

But I discovered almost right away, how naive that view was. We're all built differently, and everyone begins at a different level for different areas. There were many beginners, who started out with an amazing flexibility in some area or the other.

Over the months, with practice and hard work, most people improved their flexibility. But even with all that, there are still asans, which I can't do, and which some people just do flawlessly, effortlessly, naturally.

In the end, that all that we can really do. Try our best to improve from where we started. But if we view everything like a race, at some stage, all we get is frustration. Someone else will always be ahead, because they would have started ahead, even if you do your very best, and beat everyone who started with you.

It can be a sobering thought, if you've been fighting hard to stay ahead in the race, achieve things through sheer smart and hard work. But it can also be a liberating thought. Because it isn't really a race, and the fun is only in the journey.

Stop to smell the roses. And remember, life doesn't give you any handicanps. Because its isn't a race, and so you can't really win.