Monday, September 19, 2011

Thunder Demons - Dipika Mukherjee

okish read.

The story is set in malaysia, against all the 'multi-cultural' and religious tensions. There is a fanatic colonel s, who starts of with a murder, and continues plotting more meyhem. Then there is the young Agni, whose mothers death, and fathers absense is a bit of a mystery. Then there's Jay, who knows about Agni's mother and father, and who has been away from Malaysia, but is back on the Colonel's request.

It can be read as a thriller, but it doesn't make a very good one, since both the plots are rather predictable. The prose tends to get a bit over bearing at places as well. Plus there are just way too many characters, some of them adding nothing to the story really.
Worth a read, mostly just as a refresher, on the state of Malaysia, and perhaps our world.

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