Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Ageless Body Timeless Mind - Deepak Chopra

Was an okish read, tad better than I expected.

I used to have a pre-conceived low opinion of most of these new age guru/healer kind of guys, and Deepak Chopra pretty much fitted the bill. However a chance interview on tv, got me to revise the low opinion to a sea- level opinion, some of the stuff he spoke of was rather reasonable, even if it wasn't sensational.

This book is perhaps cannily pitched for the seekers of long life. It re-emphasis some of the obvious things - good food, exercise.

Some things it reaffirms are known but perhaps not universally acknowledged yet - eg meditation, mental well being, ability to handle stress, awareness. These go a long way in our response to aging, although we tend to forget them.

Lastly it talks of some stuff which is completely in the domain of pseudopsychology so far. Eg the part about the universe fulfilling your desires if your awareness is open and clear etc etc. Plus it yaps a whole lot about entropy, quantum mechanics, dna , hayfleck limit etc, aging gene etc etc, without really making much sense of all these.

The parts I liked were the ones which remephasised the deep connection between body and mind, much larger than modern allopathy, or even modern living concedes. A lot of experiments to bolster that, and the book sprinkles a good few interesting ones. Eg well documented cases of some people like monks and yogis controlling the body in ways which are traditionally thought to be uncontrollable. Or the experiment with playacting life as it was 20 years ago. For that matter the universally acknowledged, and easily dismissed placebo affect, is itself a bit of a mystery.

Overall it was an okish read, although I don't think I'll be picking another of his books any time soon!

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