Friday, August 19, 2011

What on earth????

Am I the only one finding this whole line of thinking strange?? Do we know what our budget, and spend is ? Do we know how money moves ? Do we not know anything at all barring addition, subtraction and division?

Do u know what will happen if 1,456 Lac Crores comes back.

1. India Financially No.1

2. Each district will get 60000 crores & each village will get 100 Crores

3. No need to pay taxes for next 20 yrs.

4. Petrol 25 Rs, Diesel 15 Rs, Milk 8 Rs.

5. No need to pay electricity bill.

6. Indian borders will become more stronger than the China Wall.

7. 1500 Oxford like Universities can be opened.

8. 28,000 kms Rubber road (like in Paris ) can be made.

9. 2,000 hospitals (with all facilities) all medicine Free.

10. 95 crore people will have their own house.


quaintkal said...


Tess said...

:) I had the same reaction, but then i was rather perturbed to find that a lot of people are forwarding this, with full belief that once Anna brings back all the swiss money, this will happen. And I'm thinking.. errrmm.. !!

saud said...

Anna aint bringing back a sausage. What of all the cost of policing the mob who are out for a party with no clue as to what they hoping to achieve, what of all the loss to the disturbed businesses and its impact on the economy.

And while the Lokpal (with getting into the technicalities) may sound like a good idea, what of the cost of another public institution steeped in red tapism that adds to the ever growing public expenditure and consequently the ever growing national debt.....

nah... you're better off forgetting the dream you dreamt. Not in your lifetime

Tess said...

@saud - yep I'm quite unconvinced by the bill, specially in its present form. Bringing everything under one institution sounds very very dangerous to me, and like dictatorship, sure in the right hands it can solve problems, but as a policy its just asking to be abused.

I'm not sure what the solution to our current mess is. Electoral and judicial reforms would certainly help. A couple of provisions in the bill seem useful.

However culturally the problem will need to be attacked at multiple fronts, and it will certainly be a long hard road, not the least of which will have to mean that you need to be the change you want. If you're wearing the I'm anna t shirt or placard, remind yourself that the bribe you pay the traffic policeman is entirely of your own making, and the taxes you cheat on, you do voluntarily. For some things, you have to take responsibility and stop blaming the system.