Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Tears of the desert - Halima Bashir

Its a rather moving book, not exceptionally well written, but aimed to churn your guts with its description of the casualties of the war in darfur.

Halima describes her childhood in a village in Sudan, her schooling and the brewing trouble, and the subsequent almost complete breakdown of 'normal life' as it were. There's a constant backdrop of rape being used as a weapon, and the usual response thats supposed to draw. Part of the reason that bit pisses me off, is because I see your own conditioning as part of the problem. Like rape is the worst ever thing that could happen to you. I don't think so. It all goes back to the need for society to control a woman's sexuality. As an aside, the FGM practiced by the african tribes seems as horrific if not more than the rapes. Although the author has described her own feeling of betrayal at it, I didn't find the detailed analysis I was expecting, why did it start, and why does it continue?

Decent read, but not exceptional.

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