Saturday, August 13, 2011

Stanley ka dabba - Amol Gupte

A sweet little film, well crafted and well acted.

A little kid at school doesn't get a lunch-box like his other friends. His friends don't mind sharing their dabba, but there's also a teacher, who's determined to grab the lunch boxes.

There's not much to the story really. You follow the tale of the lunch boxes, and although, the reason for Stanley's lack of dabba is exposed in the end ( a bit contrivedly to be sure), you never really learn the story of the teacher. Was reminded of the blue umbrella in some ways, but somehow preferred this one, even though that one had a neater story. This short movie draws its life mainly from the superb direction, and good acting.

Must watch, just to see what the craft of movie making is all about !


quaintkal said...

i loved this film a lot too :) the performances put so much life into the film that i was least bothered about noticing other aspects of the film or rather lack of attention to those aspects (most probably because of low funds). and i could relate to the film as well cos i've always looked forward to everyone else's dabbas all my life. and all my friends have been generous :D

Tess said...

@kal - yep the performances are very good, and its got a sweet innocence about it that is very endearing.