Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The norm.

Our papers were in order. We were registering at the full amount, and not using the 'usual' practice of registering at guidance value. We were at the registration office in time. There was a buzz that due to some vigilance inspection, there would be no bribes this monday.

It was a rumour. The 'normal' bribe amount, which our lawyer had warned us about much in advance, was duly collected.

I am also ashamed, that I did not even speak up, which I usually do, since I didn't have the guts to shake the whole system, and take on so many people together, the registration officers, the lawyer, the broker, the seller, the bank. I knew the price of speaking up, is delay. When I refused to pay up for the passport, it took 6 months to come. However, in this case, delay meant essentially losing out on the house. So between uprightness and the house, the house won.

Such as it goes. Another routine day.

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