Sunday, August 14, 2011


There's an ad on tv, an old gentleman is bemoaning how decades ago, some guy called Kanti Lal, kissed his wife. The youngish fellow next to him, uses our maadern technology to located said Kanti lal. The last scene shows the old gentleman standing next to the tottering old kanti Lal, and Kanti Lal's wife. The gentleman says ' hisaab barabar' pecks Kanti Lal's wife on the cheek, and runs off as the wife is looking up rather shocked and horrified. 

I was wondering, what if we make a contrarian scenario. An old woman bemoaning how some dame called Kanti Bai kissed her husband. What if she finds the said Kanti Bai, and pecks Kanti Bai's husband to do the hisaab barabar.

Doesn't quite ring true.. does it? So much for equality. And so many questions to ponder over. Questions over mindsets about protection, sexuality, power, self image, justice..

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