Monday, July 11, 2011

Theories and questions

Overheard a discussion among some 'grown ups', in which I happened to be a bystander.

Someone had been fighting cancer, and two of her friends, were telling her the theory of 'why i got cancer'. Its actually caused by all the resentments you carry around in life. And while one of the friends was relatively circumspect in advancing this theory too strongly, and acknowledged that it was, after all, just one possible theory, the other one was quite certain. Oh yes, its all the resentment, thats what gets converted to cancer. Full stop, end of discussion.

Considering how complex the human mind and human body is, even if there was a link between the resentment and cancer, surely one would be a bit more careful, before paraphrasing it like that? I mean there's the question of correlation and causality to ponder over. There's the butterfly effect to contend with. There are of course ( as the saner of the two ladies acknowledged) , the question of 3 month old babies. So many things to ponder, and yet the 60 plus lady was not only quite convinced, but determined to tell her cancer patient friend as well , how it was all the resentment.

I was bemused, and somewhat amused to say the least.

Couldn't help wondering, why do we get so stuck with our theories, views, opinions, etc etc? I've been trying over the past few years to loosen up myself, question more things, myself included. Its yielded interesting results at times. Its hard work of course, acknowledging that there can be many truths, and sometimes you have to make your own experiments with truth.

I wonder if the quite-convinced-on-cancer-cause lady will ever learn to doubt.. or perhaps she's privy to a source of truth that I'm not aware of .. who knows!


quaintkal said...

some coincidence this! just today evening i was discussing something very similar with a friend of mine but in a totally different context and we were talking about the so-called 'bigger picture' and how people think of their truth (or what has been fed to them over many years) as the only truth and do not even consider looking at some other point of view. thinking differently and acting upon it to bring about a change - still very secondary.

Tess said...

@kal - acting upon it is a wayyyy off goal yep :), but yes, just considering to look at another point of view is just so hard. It takes everything I've got to say - I might not be right!

Gunjan said...

Sometimes I derive a lot of my entity from my set thoughts...If I start to question them, I fear that I loose a lot of myself (fear to build up a system of right and wrong again!)

Also, I think if the lady does resent less in life because she has a notion of it causing cancer, then it is doing good to her. I would not change something "not so logical" in me/ my friends / dear ones, if at the end it helps me / them in a positive way.

Although, if I think that a "set idea" of mine is actually pulling me back, I will try my best to pull myself away from such an idea/thought

Tess said...

@gunjan - yep I agree, re-building the self credo, world view can be a hard , scary thing to do..

In this lady's case, that was the whole point, she was not bought into the theory, it was her friend who insisted, quite emphatically, 'its the resentment that causes cancer'.

I don't have anything against the theory as such, it might even be right for all I know. I'd just be a little careful about advancing it to someone else, with so much emphasis, as if its the only one to explain things..