Sunday, July 03, 2011

Fated to love - Qaisra Shahraz

Teeters close to being a pakistani Mills and boon. Minus all the hot bits we used to ear mark , back in school.

Can't say I really liked it, although I finished it off, even with a generous amount of fast forwarding of paragraphs.

There's a certain brand of novels, targetted at us women, with these mythical stories of 'love' and the kind of men who don't exist, and populated with the sort of conversations that don't happen in real life. Maybe its a sort of wish fulfillment, a part of you knows this isn't real life, and no matter how badly written the books are, you read them anyway, chasing rainbows.

At least thats the only explanation i can think of, for why these kind of books sell. I was never very good at chasing those rainbows, choosing instead to hold out reality like a shield, against any kind of dreaming. But its funny to read the novel even more, when you set it in rural pakistan, add the general patriarchy, and the outdated triple talaq nonsense, and a feminism struggling to make sense of it all.  ( was about to write outdated religion, but then perhaps its unfair to blame a religion that tried so hard to revolutionise its times, thats stuck with a bunch of morons promoting it, as if its written in stone)

Not much of a read overall unfortunately...


quaintkal said...

i know nothing about the book Tess but i absolutely LOVE the way you put things across :D :D and we are so unlike each other. still there are times i find myself thinking i wish was like YOU (rather could write like you)! :D

Tess said...

@kal - many thanks! very flattering to know that someone who doesn't know me, still finds the scribbles interesting! :)

You write beautifully yourself, and much more than I can write at a stretch!

quaintkal said...

hahaha. what i put out there in my blog is called 'faltu badbad' in marathi! and that i can do for hours with much ease :D :D thanks though :)