Saturday, July 02, 2011

Delhi Belly - Abhijay Deo

It was thoroughly enjoyed. Can't remember when I've laughed so much in a movie.

Three bachelors living together, get caught up in a bit of a mess. One of them has a fiancee, who's promised to deliver a package for someone, little knowing that it packs a punch. There's not a lot to the story. Just a host of black comedy characters, ranging from the landlord, the art directory bong boss, the gangster and his flunkies they run into, the madcap husband of another lady, and many many characters with a screen times of just a min or two, each one delivering precision and perfection in their comic timing.

The music matches the mood of the movie perfectly, and is quite apt with all its play on the cuss words. Its certainly a black comedy, as black as they come, with some pretty grossed out and gory scenes, but so well put together and directed, that you just can't stop laughing. All the more commendable, since the movie keeps that one single thread going for its entirety, there are no breaks for any tender moments, no relief at all from its pace, tone and tenor - which is fast, dark and slapstick. I guess it has plot, and script going for it, ( something say a Shaitan, was sorely lacking)

A final word of caution - I guess this genre will certainly not appeal to most aunty ji's and uncle ji's, not to mention its no movie for children. Ensure that you like the tarantinoesque genre before opting in! 

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quaintkal said...

ummm there's a typo here. i guess you didn't notice it or realize. it is 'Abhinay Deo' :)