Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini

ok read. I'd liked the kite runner better.

This one reminds me too much of the dreary depressing tales of women from that god forsaken region. ( yes i do use the word advisedly - god forsaken, i don't think there's any kind of god looking out for people anywhere, but right there i think the devil rules. )

anyhow, although he writes well, the subject is too depressing, and the story too pat, to really like this book.


Gunjan said...

I read this one last year. It was very depressing and gave a sense of hopelessness.

Tess said...

yes, it just makes you so depressed. Plus somehow didn't like the story so much, bit too melodramatic.

Although I still like the way he writes.. there's a certain lyricism in it..

veena said...

read it long time back. Depressing yes but wries well. Though i thought the other book Kite Runner was much of a thriller variety

veena said...

liked the style of writing, though found the Kite runner quite the thriller variety

Italia said...

I enjoyed the book, as I did the Kite Runner. This is a story of two women and their lives in a war torn country. It is unbeliveable what these women endure, very hard for women of this country to comprehend. Opens one mind to how lucky we are. He is a great writer, very descriptive and educational.