Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shaitan - Bejoy Nambiar

very very disappointing.

Lots of style, and brilliant scenes in isolation. Little to hold them together, as the movie drags, lurches and finally limps to the home run.

Five friends, high on drugs, adrenaline and speed, find themselves in a mess. As they plan to extricate themselves from the mess, of course the quagmire gets deeper and deeper, as the bodies pile up, and the net closes further.

There's the edgy , angsty feel of life being not quiet ok, of drugs and rage, and pounding energy. Those emotions are well captured in rarious scenes. But when it comes to putting together a movie with individual characters, and a plot, that too a thriller of sorts, the movie is a big let down.

I have to say I find myself in isolation here, since most reviews have given it a 'worth a watch' rating. I can't say I found it worth a watch. If its just the genre, there are plenty of good english movies of the genre to watch. And hindi movies have raised the bar pretty high in recent years for me to say ' watch it just since its genre never done before in hindi'.

Better watch individual scenes on you tube, you'll miss nothing.

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