Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dork - Sidin Vadakut

Was funny to begin with, but a whole novel in that uni-dimensional tone got to be a bit too much. I mean I found myself fast forwarding portions, - considering this was a low brow fast read, thats a rather sad reflection.

Dork is an mba type, who's probably got a screw missing somewhere, but doesn't know it. He lands a consulting job at a company, and then proceeds to goof up in a rapid succession of megalomaniac acts at work and his love life ( or the lack thereof). The company itself offers many opportunities to laugh at it, but if you don't laugh, you'd probably cry, thats how real it seems sometimes - reminded me in bits of my own office ( gaah as always) and also various bits heard from nn, who's a consultant himself.

Overall ok, but could've been much better if there was some more variety rather than just the dork's unbelievable dorkiness. The diary format of writing makes it easier, but it still needs some way to break the monotony..

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