Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Thousand Splendid Suns - Khaled Hosseini

ok read. I'd liked the kite runner better.

This one reminds me too much of the dreary depressing tales of women from that god forsaken region. ( yes i do use the word advisedly - god forsaken, i don't think there's any kind of god looking out for people anywhere, but right there i think the devil rules. )

anyhow, although he writes well, the subject is too depressing, and the story too pat, to really like this book.

Eat pray love - Elizabeth Gilbert

Nice read overall.

Tended to get a little self-indulgent, but considering the sort of book it is, its a wonder that it doesn't get more self indulgent. It drags in places, but somehow bits of it pull through with its bits of humour and insight, and for me the overall affect was nice.

The author takes a timeout of an year travelling after her messy divorce, and this book is a recounting of her time off. Not a travelogue of the geographic places , but one of her mind, as she journeys thought Italy where she eats, India where she prays and Indonesia where she finds love.

I think its also about a mindset, if you've been depressed and lonely in your life, sometimes for no good reason, perhaps its easier to read this account. If you've sometimes wished you could just run away somewhere, and just eat, pray love, then perhaps its easier to read this book. On the other hand, there are many people who prefer a hands on problem solving approach, and dismiss off shadowy thoughts of unhappiness, they'd find this a drag. If you've never felt the urge to just take a time out from daily life, maybe this will seem strange.

But for me it was worth a read.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Shaitan - Bejoy Nambiar

very very disappointing.

Lots of style, and brilliant scenes in isolation. Little to hold them together, as the movie drags, lurches and finally limps to the home run.

Five friends, high on drugs, adrenaline and speed, find themselves in a mess. As they plan to extricate themselves from the mess, of course the quagmire gets deeper and deeper, as the bodies pile up, and the net closes further.

There's the edgy , angsty feel of life being not quiet ok, of drugs and rage, and pounding energy. Those emotions are well captured in rarious scenes. But when it comes to putting together a movie with individual characters, and a plot, that too a thriller of sorts, the movie is a big let down.

I have to say I find myself in isolation here, since most reviews have given it a 'worth a watch' rating. I can't say I found it worth a watch. If its just the genre, there are plenty of good english movies of the genre to watch. And hindi movies have raised the bar pretty high in recent years for me to say ' watch it just since its genre never done before in hindi'.

Better watch individual scenes on you tube, you'll miss nothing.

Dork - Sidin Vadakut

Was funny to begin with, but a whole novel in that uni-dimensional tone got to be a bit too much. I mean I found myself fast forwarding portions, - considering this was a low brow fast read, thats a rather sad reflection.

Dork is an mba type, who's probably got a screw missing somewhere, but doesn't know it. He lands a consulting job at a company, and then proceeds to goof up in a rapid succession of megalomaniac acts at work and his love life ( or the lack thereof). The company itself offers many opportunities to laugh at it, but if you don't laugh, you'd probably cry, thats how real it seems sometimes - reminded me in bits of my own office ( gaah as always) and also various bits heard from nn, who's a consultant himself.

Overall ok, but could've been much better if there was some more variety rather than just the dork's unbelievable dorkiness. The diary format of writing makes it easier, but it still needs some way to break the monotony..

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

99 - Raj Nidimoru and Krishna D.K.

okish  watch, has its funny moments, although it tends to get a trifle dragged out .

2 small time cheats ( sim duplicators to be precise) get on the wrong side of gangster of sorts. He packs them off to recover money from an inveterate gambler. Many mixups and many laughs later, things sort themselves out.

Not as polished as 'shor in the city' , but still worth a watch.

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Tuesdays with Morrie - Mitch Albom

Sometimes you find a book, just at the point in life that you need it. I think this was one of those. Picked it up yesterday, and polished off this slim volume in a few hours.

Its a simply and touchingly told tale, of a man who goes to visit his old teacher after many years, when he learns that the teacher is dying of a terminal illness. They meet on Tuesdays, and talk of many things on those Tuesdays. Things which perhaps you know somewhere deep down, but choose to ignore, discounting them as touchy-feely, and unworthy as compared to larger concerns of paying the house mortgage, office politics, and even the happenings on the sitcom. Things like emotions, death, love, family, aging, which aren't spoken of, when we make the customary 'hows it going'.

But one needs to be ready to read a book like this, if you're not, then it becomes just another of those preachy books. Worth a read if you're in a contemplative mood.