Friday, May 27, 2011

Serious Men - Manu Joseph

Quite loved this one. 

Its a story of someone working in a science institute, set in Bombay. Only the person is not a scientist, but a pa. So what does an intelligent, lower caste, uneducated man living in Bombay do with his life? What does he do, as he sees, and thanks to his intelligence, understands, the circumstances of his life? Of the child and wife rusting away in one of the numerous nameless chawals? As he sees the meritocracy of the higher castes, in full bloom at the institute? What does he do indeed? Not many earth shattering things, but its the little things he does, which makes the tale unputdownable. 

Its a wittyly, thoughtfully written story, covering a broad canvas, and yet not biting away more than it can chew.

Must read.

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quaintkal said...

it is on the wishlist. sigh.