Monday, May 23, 2011

Death by a thousand blows

How much pressure can a person stand? Specially when you add a divine injunction to your pressure?

It was a sad morning today, when I realised that the opressive islamic right, had finally gotten through to someone. So another one bites the dust in the godforsaken burka debate. You keep hacking away, hacking away, and finally one day, bring out all the stops, until finally you win. And then you claim free will, and ( the final coup the grace), actually convince her that its free will as well.

There are few things as hateful as the idea of covering up a woman, to keep her 'safe'. And my flesh crawls at the thought, that we live in a world, where some of us, would actually be put into a mental state, where we'd wear a burka, and actually think that it makes us pious and safe.

Its a sad sad day.

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