Friday, May 27, 2011

Connect the dots - Rashmi Bansal

decent read.

Its a collection of interviews with young entrepreneurs in India, most of whom are people who started ventures they might not have even 'planned' for as such. At least not the sort of calculated sort of opening a company that some of us are more familiar with. All of these people are ones without an MBA degree, sometimes without any degree as such, but they've often chalked new unexpected and often inspiring courses.

In terms of writing, I'd say its average, no exceptional insights or turns of phrase. However just bringing together these stories, in the sort of easy to read , accessible format is pretty good. And needless to say - inspiring !


quaintkal said...

glad you liked :) i had read it last year esp. cos my ex-boss (Tantra T-shirts) was featured! i have read her 'Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish' before that as well. Waiting for the 3rd one in the series now!

Tess said...

@kal - ah interesting :) I'll probably pick up the first one some time as well, thanks for the reco.