Thursday, February 10, 2011

Yeh Saali Zindagi - Sudhir Mishra

Worth a watch. Can't say its very good or exceptional, but it keeps moving like a potboiler pageturner novel.

There's a smart guy, who's working with some shady big money ( think connection to gangsters, recovery men, land, hawala et al). Unfortunately for him, things start going wrong. His boss isn't being square with him. To top that, his love story doesn't quite seem to be going well. And while this is happening, there's another set of gangsters, who're sorting out their own internal quabbling. Somewhere the various plots meet, and then things keep happening at a frenetic pace.

Overall it has its fun moments, although it could've been better edited and made shorter and crisper.

However its not for a delicate audience - the language and some scenes ensure that. Additionally its not for a lazy audience - there's a lot happening, you need to pay attention.

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