Friday, February 18, 2011

Children of Heaven - Majid Majidi

Lovely heartwarming movie! I'd planned to watch it many years ago, but somehow didn't get around to it. Glad that y pushed me into watching it after all.

A little kid loses his little kid sisters shoes. They're poor, and those are her only pair of school shoes.. how are they going to manage?

Its a movie built around such seemingly little things. Great direction, great performances from the kids.

Must watch.


Gunjan said...

Hey Tess,

How do you get to watch all these good movies? Now with Aishi around it's difficult to watch in theater so we took seventymm subscription. But it has awful variety of movies.

Is there any other website you recommend subscribing to?

quaintkal said...

it remains one of my ALL-TIME favourite films..majidi-majidi is a genius indeed :) have you seen 'the song of sparrows'?

Tess said...

@Gunjan - now thats the hard part, knowing which ones to watch!

I don't really have a website, my viewings are usually built around friends recommendations, or reviews I might have read/seen on tv.

I'd suggest picking reviewers whose past suggestions match you own taste, rather than a website where many people write.

@quintkal - looks like our tastes match in a good few books and movies! Haven't seen song of sparrows, will add it to my todo list :)

Guru Kini said...

Did you see this on the bus when on the way back from Wayanad trip?