Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Band baaja baraat

I'd gone in without expecting much from this one, was quite prepared to pan it in fact.

so over-all I'd say I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, its precisely that kind of 'band-baja' type of movie, meant to entertain, and I'd say it does a half decent job of it.

On the flip side, if you haven't stayed in Delhi for at least an year, you won't appreciate it much, a lot of the humour simply comes from the nuances of delhi, its language its attitudes, its heart.

 yes! a mainstream hindi movie! relying on nuances of speech and behavior and script! and no - not much of the humour is the below-the-belt-hence-universally-appreciated( or at least half universally).

The two main actors do a pretty good job, the story sticks to being simple, without any sub-plots, you see lots of color and dancing, you have a hearty laugh, and come home smiling.

not a bad way to spend an evening.


Anonymous said...

was planning to skip this one but now it sounds like a not way bad way to spend the evening.

raindrops said...

I'm actually really hoping I get to see this one on the big screen - totally love that shaadi song that's playing non-stop on the TV these days.

Tess said...

@rhea - if you get some time that is ;)

@raindrops - tell me what you think, if you catch it. Its definitely not high brow stuff - and its entirely possible that I found it enjoyable simply since it I'd gone in prepared to hate it! :P