Thursday, December 09, 2010

Acquisitions and hoarding

Its been an year when I've tried to cut down stuff. Minimalism and all.

And its when you try to cut it down, that you realise how much you have, and how ALL of it, absolutely, must stay with you.

Sometimes its because it was a gift. Sometimes because you believe you will use it on a special occasion. Sometimes because you never know when you might need it. That broken down recorder that never plays, might just get fixed one day. That cd that you never will watch again, since you hate the movie? Oh but that was one of the first things we bought together, its sentimental value ! Oh my! How about that dress? Its a bit .. umm flashy, but still nice , still nice. Well lets see, I might wear that on a special , umm flashy occassion. Just that the right occassion hasn't presented itself in the last 10 years. 

All in all, its been very tough going. Although I've had some minor victories, out went a big stack of teen diaries and letters, never read in many many years, and never to be read again. And some clothes followed suite. And so did some books.

But things are going to get better I'm sure. Soon the sentimental gifts are going, and so are the 9 year old receipts for god knows what. Soon!


muddleglum said...

My son and his new wife called my wife and ask her over so that they could have room in their "both of us" apartment.

They knew how ruthless my wife is. I believe that today is the last in the series of death by a thousand cuts.

She also lived in India for a time, and I'm sure she wouldn't mind tickets back for a visit.

I dare you. ;-)

quaintkal said...

hahaha..i relate to this! but i havent reached that stage of decluttering YET!
aah..let me sit and come up with even worse excuses! should be fun! :D

Tess said...

@muddleglum - lol! rather than gift fish to a person, you need to teach them to fish, can she be my guide and mentor? :D

@quaintkal - the excuses are the max fun to hear , would look forward to hearing yours!