Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Band baaja baraat

I'd gone in without expecting much from this one, was quite prepared to pan it in fact.

so over-all I'd say I was pleasantly surprised. Yes, its precisely that kind of 'band-baja' type of movie, meant to entertain, and I'd say it does a half decent job of it.

On the flip side, if you haven't stayed in Delhi for at least an year, you won't appreciate it much, a lot of the humour simply comes from the nuances of delhi, its language its attitudes, its heart.

 yes! a mainstream hindi movie! relying on nuances of speech and behavior and script! and no - not much of the humour is the below-the-belt-hence-universally-appreciated( or at least half universally).

The two main actors do a pretty good job, the story sticks to being simple, without any sub-plots, you see lots of color and dancing, you have a hearty laugh, and come home smiling.

not a bad way to spend an evening.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Age of Kali - William Dalrymple

Its a collection of essays. That these are essays and not a single topic book, is one thing I missed realizing in the beginning. I kept searching for a unifying theme and continuity and would have saved myself the useless search if I'd read the back cover to start with.

For the remaining part, I'd say the first few essays on the Bimaru states were rather bleak. Maybe these were targeted at a western audience, for myself I can't say I learnt,  the sad state of affairs is well know, and couldn't find many insights.

The remaining few essays, specially the one on the island of reunion were rather more interesting. Also the ones on Pakistan.

Overall not bad, although perhaps it can be read selectively.


It can be an ugly thing to view. As you see a thing bleed slowly through a thousand cuts, sometimes gasping painfully, at other times still, almost resigned to the impending end, and then just as it was going, it gives another primordial scream at the unfairness of it all. And a human voice sooths it saying - there there there, its going to be ok, everything will be fine, i've just given a painkiller, while twisting in one of the knives further.

But is it really unfair? things have to die, we all know that. As enchanting as the chimera of eternal life sounds, we've seen that eternal life doesn't ensure eternal youth. Eternal youth basically goes against every law of nature not to mention physics.

So things have to die. And its not pretty to see. But does it have to be like this, ugly, longdrawn, painful, full of stabs and fake promises?

Does it?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Pink Sheep - Mahesh Natarajan

I've loved his short stories ever since I found them on the net a few years back. I always looked forward to the next one, and was seldom disappointed. 

So I was looking forward to the book and the slim volume of 18 stories completely lives up to my expectations. 

The stories usually focus on people and their everyday lives and relationships. The language and the story seems so simple and straightforward, but they're rich in their observations of the little quirks of what makes people tick. Of how people and relationships can be simple and complex at the same time. Of how people can surprise you, and a relationship isn't just the what you think it is, or between who you think it is.  

I just realised, that I'm almost about to wind up this post, and I've missed saying whats supposed to be the most important part - that this is gay fiction, since the main protagonists are always gay. However part of the power of the stories is that if that concept doesn't bother you, and really it shouldn't, there's nothing at all in them, that you can't relate to, as a human being. 

In short - a must read.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Acquisitions and hoarding

Its been an year when I've tried to cut down stuff. Minimalism and all.

And its when you try to cut it down, that you realise how much you have, and how ALL of it, absolutely, must stay with you.

Sometimes its because it was a gift. Sometimes because you believe you will use it on a special occasion. Sometimes because you never know when you might need it. That broken down recorder that never plays, might just get fixed one day. That cd that you never will watch again, since you hate the movie? Oh but that was one of the first things we bought together, its sentimental value ! Oh my! How about that dress? Its a bit .. umm flashy, but still nice , still nice. Well lets see, I might wear that on a special , umm flashy occassion. Just that the right occassion hasn't presented itself in the last 10 years. 

All in all, its been very tough going. Although I've had some minor victories, out went a big stack of teen diaries and letters, never read in many many years, and never to be read again. And some clothes followed suite. And so did some books.

But things are going to get better I'm sure. Soon the sentimental gifts are going, and so are the 9 year old receipts for god knows what. Soon!

Friday, December 03, 2010

kabhi kisi ko ..

As n said, either its too little, or its too much, never just right :P