Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The social Network - David Fincher

Decent movie, I can't say I knew anything about the creator of facebook before watching the movie ( no not even his name) , so I've no comments to make on the veracity or otherwise, of its portrayals.

However as a well told story, made into a well directed movie, it gets good marks.

The main character is the smart but socially inept college kid, wanting to be a part of the 'in' clubs. There's the classic mixture of superior self assurance and insecurity. The first scene sets the tone, with him trying to talk to his girl friend about his aspirations, and the insecurity covered by megalomania ensures the relationship ends that very day, and ends very badly.

As the movie proceeds with switches between the court cases that he's deposing in, interrcut with flash backs of how things went in college as he set up facebook, the tale gets interesting. However the recurrent theme of his complete self absorption and inability to understand  what makes relationships tick, occurs throughout. ( yes, ironic!) And the last scene, like the first, I thought was pretty apt.

In my reading, the realistic characterisation was a big plus in making the movie interesting. I don't think there were any heroes or villains - reminds me of real life !

Definintely worth a watch.

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