Tuesday, November 02, 2010

May I hebb your attention pliss - Arnab Ray

Rather disappointing. The introduction itself set off alarm bells, bits were funny but it was too long, and it made no sense. The remaining chapters were similar, ( funny in bits, but far too long). Finally I just gave up, fast forward, just as I'd done for the nobel prize winning works, although this one seems to be at the other emd of the spectrum.

I remember stumbling on the blog 4 years back, and thinking - wow this is a treasure trove! I had a hearty laugh at the IIPM post, was touched by the cellular jail post, laughed again at some of the funny movie reviews, and generally made sure that it remained a part of my rss feeds over all these years.

And even though I no longer find the posts as amazingly funny as I did back then , I still find the blog interesting. ( why don't I like it as much as I used to? who knows -  maybe I've changed, or maybe the posts have changed, who knows - remember you never step into the same river twice).

But the book can really be avoided, the blog is much better.


quaintkal said...

i don't know why but am actually feeling glad to read this post! this book is lying somewhere in my bedroom for last 5 months or so. it was gifted by someone. i managed 6-7 pages and gave up thinking - oh maybe later! :P

Tess said...

@quaintkal - he he, well i remember telling a friend who was struggling to read and complete a book that she seemed to be hating - 'don't bother , life is too short!'

i used to earlier feel guilty about not completing a book that i began, but now i can't be bothered if i don't like it, if its nobel prize winning or not, i can't help it! Similarly i don't mind picking up univesally panned low brow stuff, and if i enjoyed it ( as i did say 2 states,) well good for me!