Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gran Torino

Nice movie, definitely worth a watch.


Anantha said...

This has been in my 'wishlist' from a long time. Havnt got a chance to watch it. Is it necessary to see Flags of our fathers before Gran Torino?

Tess said...

I haven't seen flags of our fathers, didn't know the two were related :P

the movie is definitely good and watchable on its own, although I can't say if there's something extra that it relates to in flags of our fathers..

Guru Kini said...

@ Anantha: "Flags.." and "Letters from Iwo Jima" are connected. "Gran Torino" is completely independent.
I didn't find anything fantastic in the movie but I somehow liked it. It had a simple and unhurried story-telling quality which, combined with Eastwood on screen, worked magically.

Anantha said...

Ohh.. right..