Saturday, November 27, 2010

Gran Torino

Nice movie, definitely worth a watch.

The Deathly Hallows

umm.. can't say I'm a huge Harry Potter fan. I don't think I've seen all the movies, and haven't read any of the books.

and really there's very little in this movie itself to recomment it, apart from it being the penultimate harry potter movie, and so a must watch.

Drop any expectations of story, acting, direction, bla bla.

I guess it really can be avoided.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The social Network - David Fincher

Decent movie, I can't say I knew anything about the creator of facebook before watching the movie ( no not even his name) , so I've no comments to make on the veracity or otherwise, of its portrayals.

However as a well told story, made into a well directed movie, it gets good marks.

The main character is the smart but socially inept college kid, wanting to be a part of the 'in' clubs. There's the classic mixture of superior self assurance and insecurity. The first scene sets the tone, with him trying to talk to his girl friend about his aspirations, and the insecurity covered by megalomania ensures the relationship ends that very day, and ends very badly.

As the movie proceeds with switches between the court cases that he's deposing in, interrcut with flash backs of how things went in college as he set up facebook, the tale gets interesting. However the recurrent theme of his complete self absorption and inability to understand  what makes relationships tick, occurs throughout. ( yes, ironic!) And the last scene, like the first, I thought was pretty apt.

In my reading, the realistic characterisation was a big plus in making the movie interesting. I don't think there were any heroes or villains - reminds me of real life !

Definintely worth a watch.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


why the outrage??? why I ask?

don't we all do every  bit that we can to ensure that it continues? yes , that includes me, much though i wish i could claim a higher moral ground.

at any rate here's a thing it would be good to remember.

a begger in the street , who hasn't got either roti , kapda or makaan would often wonder what people need a 10k a month for. perhaps he manages 2-3k a month, (if he's a rather unlucky one) He'd probably  be able to manage beautifully in 8k a month.

your maid , who's probably got roti, kapda and makaan or some sorts, would often wonder what people need 40k a month for. she'd probably be able to manage beautifully in 30 k a month.

You, you've probably got a half decent roti kapada aur makaan, but also have a humoungous color tv and car, would probably wonder what people need 2 lakhs a month for, we'd probably be able to manage beautifully in 1 lakh a month. ( give or take a bit)

and then your super boss, with the super sized roti kapda aur makaan, and perhaps also a posh set of cronies to maintain, would similarly wonder why people need a crore a month. He's struggling, but then all he needs is perhaps about 70 lakhs a month.

and so it goes of course. the current tales quote numbers which make the mind boggle. policians making a crore a day. but of course , we need to remember , its all relative. the great minister probably has outflows to match his ridiculous ill gotten gains.

ill - gotten, the word which makes me laugh loudly. i think i finally understood the joke a few years back, when i sat there wondering what fudging bills meant. apparently it meant, taking source code html of the bill format, and modifying the number a bit.

And it seems it was the done deal. everyone did it. heck the company wanted to you do it - thats why it left the option open , and turned a blind eye to your obviously faked bills. onsite bills, house rent allowances, medical, and what have you.

its all ok, didn't you know? everyone does it, thats how it works.

and then as the years went by, one realises, it was ok everywhere. railway tickets, marriage certificates, graduation degrees, passports, birth certificates, phone connections, every damn bit of your life.

oh yes, i know the million ways its expained,
- the system doesn't pay the people enought so its ok to pay them a bit extra/
- its really a small thing compared to what the politicians do,
= welcome to the real world, this is how it works, do you want to survive or not? do you want in or out?

etc etc etc

so, for those of you, fuming in your mouth about the gazillion scams which seem to be getting much media attention these days. ( perhaps the media wasn't paid, or perhaps they just have too much time to fill up)

here's my suggestion - shut up, and take a look at your own life. and once you've verified you're all clean, with no excuses, then you can resume howling about the 2g, 3g and the various 4D multi dimensional scams which are all around us these days.

aap chai paani ka kya denge sahib???

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Immortals of Meluha - Amish

I found it rather readable, the constant irritants of Jai Shri Ram, and absurdist glorification notwithstanding.

The basic story is set in semi-mythical semi-historical setting of the harappan times around 2000 BC or so. There's an empire of the Suryavanshis, who bear a suspicious resemblance to the jai sri ram rajya type, artificially forced into harappan settings. ( ie the right wingers dream world etc). Shiva, is a reluctant protagonist, caught in the battle and intrigues happening there, since it seems to be his destiny.

Initially the writing seems mediocre, but the plot does pick up, and the story gets interesting, the whole 'great indian civilisation' myth notwithstanding.

Readable, bits are boring, bits are irritating, but still good enough to want to make me read the remaining 2 parts of the trilogy!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hairan hoon main..

tujhse naaraaz nahi zindagi, hairaan hoon main, ho hairaan hoon main..
tere masoom sawalon se pareshaan hun main, ho pareshaan hoon main..

jeene ke liye, socha hi na tha, dard sambhalne honge,
muskuraon to , muskurane ke, karz utarane honge,
muskuraun kabhi, to lagata hai,
jaise honton pe karz rakha hai
aaj agar bhar aayi hain, boondein baras jaayengi
kal kya pata, inke liye, aankhen taras jayengi
jaane kab gum hua, kahan khoya,
ek aansoo chupa ke rakha tha
zindagi tere gam ne hamein rishte naye samajhaye
mile jo humein dhoop mein mile, chhav ke thande saaye

priceless Gulzar again..

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

May I hebb your attention pliss - Arnab Ray

Rather disappointing. The introduction itself set off alarm bells, bits were funny but it was too long, and it made no sense. The remaining chapters were similar, ( funny in bits, but far too long). Finally I just gave up, fast forward, just as I'd done for the nobel prize winning works, although this one seems to be at the other emd of the spectrum.

I remember stumbling on the blog 4 years back, and thinking - wow this is a treasure trove! I had a hearty laugh at the IIPM post, was touched by the cellular jail post, laughed again at some of the funny movie reviews, and generally made sure that it remained a part of my rss feeds over all these years.

And even though I no longer find the posts as amazingly funny as I did back then , I still find the blog interesting. ( why don't I like it as much as I used to? who knows -  maybe I've changed, or maybe the posts have changed, who knows - remember you never step into the same river twice).

But the book can really be avoided, the blog is much better.