Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Inspite of the Gods - Edward Luce

Good read about the politics and economics of India, even for people like me who don't normally read on these topics and have only a nodding acquaintance, if that, with the concepts.

The book is written in an engaging style, and does not make too many sweeping judgements. It touches on most of the topics that the political and economic issues touch on, and also included some social ones which aren't usually that popular among the more mainstream media. ( corruption, fundamentalism and political extremists are easy to blame, there are other issues for which its not so easy to find scapegoats.)

But most of all, I love the way he ends a few of his chapters with a wicked one liner, which leaves one laughing for a while.

Worth a read.


harjot said...

Sounds like a book which I should get hold of as soon as possible . Just the stuff I'd like to read...

Tess said...

@harjot - ah yes, i think you might like it!