Monday, October 04, 2010

How to Kill Your Husband and Other Handy Household Hints - Kathy Lette

It was picked up on a whim - the title looked funny and the blurb assured me it was.

Have to say, it didn't turn out to be quite as funny as I thought, or its very possible that my sense of humour is drying up. Perhaps it was just me, but the caricature of the husband seemed far too close to reality and got me more pissed off than amused.

As if the subject was unfunny enough- the style of writing tended to get rather jarring too, what with attempts to fit in a funny similie in every damn page, heck in almost every sentence. har cheeze ki ati buri hoti hai - including the trying too hard to make everry line funny.

Overall passable at best.


Guru Kini said...

You thought it was a Do-it-yourself/self-help book? :O

Tess said...

@guru - just trusted kwench's selection of it as a "humorous" book - mistake! :P