Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Girl who played with Fire, The girl who stirred the hornets nest - Steig Larsson

Absolutely un-put-downable trilogy! Was up till the wee hours of the morning, in the middle of the week, determined to survive the office on black coffee, but unwilling to let go of the books!

Of course to start with I've always liked this genre - thrillers. Lots of action, intrigue, consipiracies and what not. And I guess the fact that I haven't read anything of the sort in a long time, probably added to the charm of these two. But the fact remains, that they were still a really pacy read, specially part 2. Couldn't catch hold of the first one, so will read that later. Part 3 was also good, although the wrap up could've been better.

They are set around the Girl with the dragon tattoo, namely Lisbeth Salander, who's a pretty compelling character in her own right. She seems a bit unusual, but you find yourself rooting for her all the way, through all the plots and intrigues against her.

Whats also interesting in these books, is the subtext of misogyny which you'd have thought wouldn't be present quite so much in the idyllic, or so we thought, Sweden. The original title of the first one in swedish was "men who hate women". But perhaps on second thoughts, thats not so surprising after all. I guess attitudes of that sort would take more than just a few decades of policy to reverse.

Must get hold of part 1 of the trilogy!


muddleglum said...

Hi Tess,

My masculine proclivities tend to make me disagree with your guess, "I guess attitudes of that sort would take more than just a few decades of policy to reverse." There is a genetic and hormonal basis for those attitudes that I have to actively work against.

This is just on top of our normal xenophobic tendencies that I also have to work against.

That being the case, I wouldn't hold your breath that policy by itself could reverse it. The policy would have to change the dynamic of the culture too, which is a tall order. I hope it does change, but meanwhile, I as an individual can try to make a small difference.

Thanks for the heads up on these books. Perhaps I'll have time to read them...after I stop wasting time on these blogs. ;-)

Sonia said...

I read the first one and couldnt go to sleep before finishing it as well. I guess I should finish the trilogy based on your description.

~ sonia

Tess said...

@muddleglum - I totally agree, I guess I didn't quite elaborate properly in my terse comment. I meant a few decades of policy aren't enough, precisely for the reasons that you said - there are multiple forces at play, genetic are just one of them, the societal and cultural are there as well. And yes, one has to make a conscious effort, to fight agaist the prejudices and attitudes - xenophobic, misogynist, racist, or whatever other ist or ism they might be.

@sonia - and i need to get hold of that first one!! gaah neither of my libraries have it, and i don't want to end up buying it!!!

Gunjan said...

Hey I read all three on my way to/back from office!
Interesting reads :)

Need to find time to finish my current PG Wodehouse (I am damn slow at it)

Tess said...

@gunjan - i used to do most of my reading in the commute too, magar since I've moved very close to office, i need to take some time out!