Monday, September 27, 2010


Good watch, the sort where you leave your brains behind, and enjoy the riot.

Personally I don't like Salman Khan , he looks like a pumped up robot, and acts like one. I think he does this in every movie, this one included. But somehow the robotic look fits right into the movie!

Additionally yes this is absolutely the alpha male fantasy movie of the 80s -  ( the kind I usually don't like). Complete with the innuendo ridden dance steps, and even the fight scenes with the fellow hosing his opponents leaving nothing to the imagination.

So how come, I'm still not offended? I guess its partly because it doesn't take itself very seriously, they always put in a tongue in cheek sequence somewhere, which although it stops short of being an outright parody/spoof, is still enough to remind me - hey its just a movie.

And partly, its just a well directed funny movie, keeps the pace moving, doesn't try convoluting the cliche ridden story too much, and doesn't try too hard.

All in all, as they say - paisa vasool.

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