Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Its funny, the most sought after thing in the world, and we can't always tell what would make us happiest. At a simplistic level, when you want a thing badly, and you get it you're happy.

What do you want badly? oh yes sure, there's the preset list of things we all want - more money, meaningful relationships, achieving big hairy audacious goals, bla bla, but are those necesarily things that overshadow anything else?

Sometimes, you could get the same level of happiness, by just getting back what you have, if you're only made to lose it. Then you ache for it to be back, and it returns , and you're happy. You get a decent night's sleep everyday? Lo and presto - you're cursed with insomnia, and the next time you are able to sleep through the 8 hours, could your happiness know any bounds?

So at times we define our unhappiness in terms of what we're missing, what we never had, or whats been lost...

and then at other times, one wonders, what if there's nothing i want any more..

what then.


muddleglum said...

What then?
...then Tess writes and a note of happiness is struck.

What other joys has my memory lost in the clutter of every day? Happy anticipation for the future follows—Surprises lurk.

Thank you.

Tess said...

@muddle - heh, now thats a perspective that needed saying! :) thanks too.