Thursday, August 19, 2010

You know something is wrong when.. wake up with a splitting headache, running nose, hurting throat, and with a feverish glazed look, think the happy thought - yippie this means i needn't go to office today!!!!!

something is definitely wrong then. Of course all those enlightened souls will tell you that something is very very wrong with *you* yourself. How there will be millions of starving ppl who'd kill to have your job, etc etc. As a matter of fact, I'm reading the father of all of those - Dale Carnegie, but i guess i need to "invest" more in it!

At any rate, while I introspect, on whats wrong, I'm enjoying all of the ill health. C'est la vie, not to mention, ze indemnites de maladie. Wah wah kya kafiya bana hai!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


A friend while watching a james bond movie , in which wierd-incredible-flying-thingies were happening, had turned to me and said - its not very different from stuart little is it.  She and I had just watched Stuart Little a few days back, and had laughed at Stuart sudden flight in a toy aeroplane.

Salt is the james bond silliness, but in female avatar. Spy stories, which stretch probability at the seams with an uncommon strength. Could've added a few young good looking males while they were about it - never mind, some day it'll happen. For the rest, the usual spy madness, lots of chases, plots, subplots, surprises and the like.

Didn't mind watching it, since that was exactly what I'd gone expecting!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Its funny, the most sought after thing in the world, and we can't always tell what would make us happiest. At a simplistic level, when you want a thing badly, and you get it you're happy.

What do you want badly? oh yes sure, there's the preset list of things we all want - more money, meaningful relationships, achieving big hairy audacious goals, bla bla, but are those necesarily things that overshadow anything else?

Sometimes, you could get the same level of happiness, by just getting back what you have, if you're only made to lose it. Then you ache for it to be back, and it returns , and you're happy. You get a decent night's sleep everyday? Lo and presto - you're cursed with insomnia, and the next time you are able to sleep through the 8 hours, could your happiness know any bounds?

So at times we define our unhappiness in terms of what we're missing, what we never had, or whats been lost...

and then at other times, one wonders, what if there's nothing i want any more..

what then.