Saturday, July 17, 2010


I quite liked it, and would recommend it highly.

A teenager is expelled from his boarding school, and comes back to a dad he hasn't seen in a while and a step brother he didn't know about. The dad turns out to be more an authoritarian boss than father, ruthlessly dismissive of his writing aspirations.  There's also an uncle living in the city, although, significantly not in the same house. The dynamics of the family, the stand offs, the cross currents, the fights, the changes and adjustments are beautifully handled.

Somewhat gritty and wrenching, and definitely not for light viewing. The small town and bachelor household feel is brought alive and used well. This is not an India of "some time back". Its this very decade, just that not everyone needs to use the "wake up sid" setting, and not everyone lives in a metro  The pace is slow in many places, where many frames seem immobile, I thought those pauses were needed, however its probably not everyone's cup of tea - certainly not the "i need action in every frame, now" crowd, of which i think we had a sample in the hall.

Overall its very realisitc, almost to the point of feeling like a documentary at times. The characters are beautifully etched and very well enacted. The weakest link in my view is the the lead actor, but otherwise quite well done, all the remaining cast were really good. The songs and poems blended in beautifully as well.

One thing probably worth a mention - I remember thinking during the movie that it would resonate more with guys, the cast is almost exclusively male, and there are bits which probably need a shot of testosterone to fully empathise with. Thats something nn also said while we were discussing it later. Still its too good a movie to miss, a lot of it is pretty universal.

A must watch, and I'd like to watch it another time certainly. There's much in it that you can ponder over, I think its much much more than just a "breaking free to chase dreams" movie. And it isn't a simple straightforward one either.

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Sonia said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely watch it.