Friday, July 16, 2010

Tired, exhausted and just about fed up... the neverending bills, 'responsibilities', infantile relatives, work, planning, finances, todo lists, provision shopping lists, hospitals, compromises, adjustments, just the grind of day to day existence..

Desperately need a vacation, a break from everything and everyone. And who'd have thought that I say this from the midst of a 10 day break from work. Sigh, when's my quota of TLC arriving? when when?


Anonymous said...

what's TLC

muddleglum said...

I wish I could reach out and touch.

'Course, from experience, I would accidentally stab you with my fingernail, but what else can I say but that I enjoy your heart as I see it written here. Thank you for giving to me.

Gunjan said...

Go for a run or a walk or some trekking or read something interesting...

Will do lot of good to you.

Hope everything's well.

muddleglum said...



We all need it, and some are more skillful in giving it.

harjot said...

... And thought TLC was a typo for LTC , given that the context was a vacation... :)

Tess said...

@muddleglum- thanks, hope you haven't been stabbing too many people!

@gunjan - yes i know, the run and yoga is what i really need, and haven't been able to do either in months :( shall make sure i start them somehow, some of the world can probably fall apart , can't keep trying to make everything work!

Tess said...

@harjot - lol, you're priceless!