Wednesday, June 23, 2010


avoid avoid avoid. No redeeming features in the watery movie, it just makes you weep at the wasted time and money, the producers and your own.

No story, direction, no acting, no dialogues, no layers, no depth, just about nothing at all. Abhishek and Aishwarya make you want to give them one tight slap each tho, and wipe the make up off them , the one which has obviously stuck on despite all the water.



veena said...

oh ok .......quite an unambigous no no. One tight slap.......even i think for the whole B Family!

muddleglum said...

Keep talking!

I haven't figured how to "follow" and yours was given as a random blog, but it is the first I wanted to follow.

I enjoy your 'gripes' because they are so intelligent. At least you do more than just moan, but put your finger on the sore spot so others can see it plainly.

I also enjoy your opinions, even when I disagree, because you, at least, Have Reasons, though not always apparent.

That means I read more than just a few of your posts, doesn't it? Now THAT is a compliment.

Thank you!

Tess said...

@veena - seriously, a complete waste!

@muddleglum - Almost all my readers are people who know me personally, nice to know you found my scribbles interesting, thanks!