Monday, June 28, 2010

Cuckold - Kiran Nagarkar

This was quite a rewarding book. To start with its the sort of historical fiction I quite like, set in the India of a few centuries ago, a bit historical, but also fictional. The problem with strictly historical books is that they have to rely so much on verifiable facts, and thats a big problem when you're trying to develop a character. In some cases you have sufficient to go on, to try and sketch together and stitch together the many parts which make a human being. But often, there's not enough to go on, specially for tales this old.

So this fictionalised tale of the unheard of husband of Meera, and the many people around it, is very readable, in the many layers it manages to weave around all its characters. Along with that, it also manages to keep a good grip on the narrative, with a sufficient feel of "what happens next" going on in the background.

All in all, well worth a reading.


quaintkal said...

i so agree with you 'tess'..had read this one couple of years back..kiran nagarkar is one of the authors i like reading..his marathi work included!

Tess said...

@quaintkal - lucky you, i don't know marathi! do let me know if there are any others recommended on similar lines.

quaintkal said...

sure..btw, have you come across ravana and eddie by kiran nagarkar? do read it if you get hold of it :)

Tess said...

Thanks! added to my waiting list :)